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Man of the Match vs. lop?
1. Rhino
2. Frenemy
3. Hankes
4. Technoboy
5. Dr.Strange
6. Alexei
7. Minnesota
8. e.S.
9. Sunndae
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8:39 PM
Start Season 16/17


Finally it's time..

After having taken a break it's crucial we remove that dust from our gaming equipment and get back in shape!


For the new season the adminteam chose to add four custom maps by their own choice. Alltho none of the maps would be one of our choice, we have to accept this decision and see how it will go. For this season I expect us to have to fight for the top spot more than ever before, especially because it feels like the lack of good competition has made us weaker while others grew stronger.

Mappool changes

Winter Cross, operation Marokko, Battle for Bastogne and Frozen Shield

Besides the new maps, all old vanilla maps have been brought back in like our beloved El Alamein ;)

Our Schedule:

Matchday 1 vs. inVictus at 9-10-2016

Matchday 2 vs. {SoH} at 23-10-2016

Matchday 3 vs. no match

Matchday 4 vs. GUN|BF at 20-11-2016

Matchday 5 vs. [tamplier] at 04-12-2016

Matchday 6 vs. <TnS> at 18-12-2016

Matchday 7 vs. [CBS] at 08-01-2017

Matchday 8 vs. -=TL=- at 22-01-2017

Matchday 9 vs. lop| at 05-02-2017

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Gué   (18-10-2016 3:45 PM)
El Al? woo

Sunndae   (28-09-2016 6:37 PM)
Let's do this

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