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Man of the Match vs. lop?
1. Rhino
2. Frenemy
3. Technoboy
4. Hankes
5. Alexei
6. Dr.Strange
7. Minnesota
8. e.S.
9. Sunndae
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6:37 PM

We like to remind every participant that this cup is a pure fun thing. Therefore flaming and b*tching is very overrated. The cup spirit should be not too serious. It's just to give you something to do, to achieve or look up to.

It works as follows.
You contact your given opponent(s). You decide where and when you play. Standard map is Stalingrad. You both spawn and the only weapon you use is the knife. You both take your headquarters and then knife somewhere around the middle flag. Healing is not allowed during a fight, only after you have killed your enemy. The first to make 10 kills wins the round. After the first round both of you switch sides and start count to 10 again. If you win both sides you have won the match. If you happen to get a draw (1-1) you play a 3rd round. Side is not really relevant but player with most kills in total can decide if he either wants to be axis or allied. Winner of the 3rd round is the match winner. One match wont take much longer than half an hour.

The rules for this cup are quite easy.

You play 1vs1
Map is Stalingrad
Only allowed weapon is the knife
Healing is not allowed during a fight
First to make 10 kills wins the round
First to win 2 rounds wins the match
Intentionally buguse is not allowed

Cup set-up

The cup will start with a group system. The groupstage will last for exactly 5 weeks. After the groupstage period is over, you may not have played all matches but your current score will simply be count. Easy like that. We dont want to keep waiting for you or your opponent to contact eachother and finally play. It's the points you earned untill after 5 weeks.

After the group-phase follows the play-off. The first 2 of each group will probably follow into the play-offs.

Reporting a match

Once you have played a match you will have to report the outcome in the cupforum. The cupforum is during signup period visisble to everyone. Once registered and signedup an admin will grant you acces once signups have closed. There will be a specific topic in there where you can simply reply and post your scores. It dont matter if you win or lose, you just post. Basicly you can also find everything you need to know in the forums. We also recommend you to take screenshots after every match you play. Just in case so you have a prove if any trouble occurs.

The point system

To become first of your group you simply need to have most wins in your group. If wins are equal will look at draws and losses. If all are the same will look at your kills and deaths.

Reporting a problem

If you or your opponent has a problem. You can contact a cup admin either by sending him a pm or contacting him on xfire. Or you simply start a topic in the cupforum.
A player that is intentionally using gamebugs (like up/down bugging) will be suspended from the cup. In this case an admin need to view the match or you have to show us a (video) record of your match.

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