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1st place @ the Memo Custom Map Cup III
1st place @ the ESL infantry summercup
1st place @ the Clanbase infantry ladder
1st place @ the SoV hosted 5vs5 infantry tourney
1st place @ the SoV hosted allround tourney
1st place @ the 2nd SoV hosted allround tourney
1st place @ the PKT hosted infantry cup
1st place @ the BF-League Season 2015
Welcome to the ¤)ßmÇ(¤ history page. We hope you enjoy our little story. We like to remind you that it is difficult to think back over all these years in time and still remember everything  in detail. 


Writing nearly the end of 2004. A few bad men from Europe and a few Americans had the idea to gather together and form a new team in battlefield 1942. And so it happened. We set up a new team. We called it ‘Hells Disciples’ with the tag ¤)HÐ(¤.

This team didn’t last more than a week because there was some trouble in the understanding with the American fellows. We split up and formed a new pure European team. We called it ‘Bad Man Clan’ with the tag ¤)ßmÇ(¤.

For most of our (few) members this wasn’t their very first clan, but until now still their last clan.



Bad Man Clan was not just going to play infantry but was also going to join into the European conquest, that we had discussed before. Most of our team had already experience playing with the American teams and leagues, but  not with European ones.



The first months we trained a lot. We had no server except for an American one with a high ping  so we took over an empty public server with map and kick vote on it. We trained there every day and we had a lot of fun doing so. We were full commitment.











Begin march 2005 we played our first official match. It was a match for the second clanbase infantry cup. There is still literature about this match.

After that we have joined the clanbase infantry ladder. We werent always full commitment and we have grown and improved and changed our team along the way. Soon we became stronger. We played and won, we played and lost. Playing good teams is what made us stronger and helped us improve mostly.
End may we tried and had a match against WV who were current #1 in the ladder. It was a historical match for those who participated, beceause we won and took over the number one position. There is still literature about this match.
After we got the top-spot, we had reached our goal and thus we never got as much motivated again to play that serious for this ladder.

End march we also joined the clanbase conquest ladder. But our very first conquest match was much later, in September. In the meanwhile most of our members only just played infantry only and they were found mainly playing public on berlin.We had our map UN_Berlin for the conquest ladder, always. The perfect map for us because always our main strength was infantry based.

When battlefield 2 came out (the new game) we of course tried it. Some of us joined the clanbase infantry ladder. The game bored us very fast. Modern combat didn’t seem to be it. Beceause of lack of interests and to little manpower all of us got back to battlefield 1942. Only sometimes we come back to bf2 to play a game or a  mod together.










Early 2006. There was a new infantry cup being hosted. Although many clans already left the scene for bf2 there were still good clans remaining. Even our mutual enemies joined in, the well known eyes of wonder.

We had a very difficult pool this time. We had the pool with lowskilled and the eyes of wonder, both were candidates to win  this cup.

We won the match against lowskilled. But the pool match vs. the eyes of wonder we lost. One of our core team players couldn’t make it and another was ill. That was a bad situation. Still we won one round. But we knew we were already 2nd and so we didn’t bother much because would get a new chance of beating the mighty eyes of wonder in the final. And we were pretty much sure we had a good chance of beating them then because we hadn’t done that bad in this match with this situation already. And we would also prepare for that next match even better.

But then. A cup-admin got caught cheating on some random public server. Which apparently was reason enough for the eyes of wonder to leave the cup. Some think they were just afraid of losing. Who would have won, we will never know.

Anyway the cup continued. We won the quarter and half finals. And then we had to play the final against the SPQR infantry team. A very well known squad they had. So we practiced as we would have done anyway for this final. The day of the match everything went fine and we were all ready and in good condition. The match started on Battle of Sands. It took 5 minutes before the first person died. It was one of SPQR team. So we started an attack and succeed.

To make a long story short, we won this final match with ease, we had a final score of 500 – 0. It was a great and historical match for us, although we would have preferred another opponent for the final.






After this cup more and more of us got inactive in the game. And so new recruits were made. There always were lots of players asking for trials. So it wasn’t difficult to find new ones. We used to have a very difficult trial traject and many would not end their trial with success. But now with the lack of players more people got through. But not all recruited players made us happy. We already had a bad name but we didn’t like it become worse.

We say ;once a bad man, always a bad man!, so we tried life with it. And we did but joining us has become more difficult and we really look for a player’s attitude in life and the game now.





As stated, we had a bad name. We still do in some eyes. There are three reasons for it. The first. We were the underdog. We trained and improved fast but the good teams and players have a little weakness for those who they do beat the one day and get beaten by the next. There has been a lot badmouthing between teams and players. Not always our players were innocent.

There comes the second reason. We had had to many trials with a bad attitude representing us. We also had a bunch of players finish it with success who let’s say they couldn’t take so much.

The third reason is simply the different (colliding) attitude. We try and have fun while we play. While there are those from other teams who forget about the fun part.






Anyway. In the summer some of us got back together. Somewhere in this period there was a little infantry tourney being hosted and we joined. We got into the final. We played this match and lost. I think the other team was called #Nightmares.We lost because technically seen we had only 3 players. One had his arm hurt to bad and could almost only heal. And then we played on a server where the other team had a close to no ping while we had a huge packetloss, it sucked but still I believe we put up a good fight. They were of course a good team, there is no need to be ashamed about the loss. For attitude reasons we would have preferred winning this, though.












April this year there was a infantry 5vs5 tourney being hosted by some Americans. In this tourney the winning US and EU team would play each other in the final. Also grenades were allowed in this tourney.

We even sent two teams into this tourney. Unevenly matched, tho. One team didn’t make it that far. But no surprise, the other made it to the final.

But now we had to play the American team called Chiquitas and Boynanas, and you know, the round on their server we would have a high ping. Ping really is important in this game. Good we had a leader who had the most of experience one can have with ping and taught some hints and tricks and all practiced that. We also practiced our special nade tactics.

And then the match came. We won on our server. Then the match moved on to their server and that was our big worry as you know. It got more exciting now and we had to put up a battle, until we got that important flag then it was all over for them. We won.





Straight after that last tourney over here in Europe started a new one, hosted by esl. So we brought our act over there and played. With 2 teams again. It wasn’t that much exciting as I believe there were not so many good clans to beat left.

We got into the final. We had to play GBZ. And we won. It was probably our last challenge in this game, infantry wise.


End this year esl started a new cup and we went through the same traject. Now we had the same opponent for the final again but until the day of today that match hasn’t been played. There is a no response coming from the other side. We don’t care much, tho. It would have been just another infantry cup final.












But now. SoV started something that got our attention. An so called ‘’Allround Tourney’’. Meaning there will be played everything: tank, infantry and plane dominated maps. Maps you could not choose for which opponent, they are given and you have to play that certain map that matchweek against the random opponent. Sounded like a challenge to us. So we joined.

With us joined 39 conquest clans. Half of them could beat us. So we organised, we trained and we recruited a few new players. We prepared for every match.

First we had to make it through the group. There were three groups, so called divisions. The division winners would make it to the playoffs. We didn’t have the most difficult group. But we had a bad map choice against some clans like tankmaps against clans who were known for being specialised in tank maps. Maybe we had a little luck to have the name of underdog again. So we got first in our division. Now we had lost our underdog position. We won 8 matches in a row so far.

Playoffs started. Now we got through another bad map choice. Still we organised and prepared. And so after several exciting wars we got into the final.

Now we had to play the winning American team. Map: Iwo Jima. Server: both US and EU.

We spoke and decided to play a Iwo Jima balancing mod who for example put the ships further away and added pilot spawns for axis. This happened to be an exciting moment for us. We expected some great airsupport on the American team because they had few of the best pilots in game flying. And now also one of our best players dropped. We asked a friend to help us out. We started of as axis. We happened to sink their carrier after the start which took away their pilots for good after we took them down. In this next period we capped all spawns and took the round home in less then 8 minutes.

Now we switched to their server and we had to play as allies. This round got more exciting. But not as much as expected. We capped all spawns and won the tourney!.





During the same period we played the bfliga. A European conquest ladder with about 50 clans. We played in the most difficult division. The division with the best clans. We weren’t as motivated as we were for that US tourney but we tried and prepared. Sadly for us we underestimated the less dangerous clans and put more time into SoV, those less important wars we lost or had a draw. We prepared and won most against the better teams (more motivation i guess) and ended up 4th. There is still literature about this here.












Our team has been inactive until half this year. We have re-gathered half of our core group and recruited a few new players beceause we did not have enough anymore. We started participating in a new SoV hosted tourney. Conquest only this time. We were  not intending to go as serious and organised as we did in the other tourney but we weren't going to let the other teams beat us just like that either. We have reached the EU final (half finals) and in 2010 this will be played.

Besides the SoV hosted tourney we also joined the memo custom map cup (click). This far we have played 6 matches and won them all. We are becoming more and more serious now, being organised and stuff, alltho this was not our intention at first glance.

We have stopped recruiting. We have enough members and are rejecting all new trial requests as of now.










This year started with high motivation. On Januar the 1st we played the final of the memo custom map cup III against illuminators. Maps chosen were Fields of the Fallen and Tigerpass. We chose Fields of the Fallen in hope to rely on infantry skills. It was a miracle to many 'experts' that we even got into the finals. Most predicted us 3rd place behind illuminators and pas42. Anyway, in order to prepare for this match we constructed a whole new plan for Tigerpass. One that might either fail hard or beat them hard. It wasnt done before. Thanks to all members being motivated we focussed on timings and tasks. The result was a really big victory for ¤)ßmÇ(¤ on Tigerpass. We screwed up Fields of the Fallen a bit but it didnt matter, we won the cup!. You may find footage from the videocast on Tigerpass here and here.



Regarding the last SoV cup. The first final we won (half-final) but we werent able to find a day to play against the other winning team as their main players went inactive in the meanwhile. So there hasnt been a final yet..


Our motivation dropped after winning these great tourneys. Some players left and went inactive. We still participated in the league and had a decisive battle for 2nd place against SPQR. Unfortunately we lost. We didnt even end up in the top 3 this season. After the season the team went inactive. Real life had taken upon the leaders.

















The ¤)ßmÇ(¤ team was brought back into action. Old members and new members constructed a team to enter the bf42-league competition once again. Straight from the start, all thought of us as the team to beat. The new season had a bad start, we drawed with <TnS> because we lost both rounds on Liberation of Caen. The game was closer than the result suggests but on allied side we failed at 3 decisive moments. Even tho we had everything secured at axis and killed off their attacks, 1 guy on their team managed to sneak through and captured a flag in the city. Bit unlucky all-in-all and we hope for a rematch next season. We won all matches after this; the matchreports can be found in the 'matches' section and some of the videos are available for private viewing of members in the 'videos' section. One match, the one vs. lop can be seen as the final of the season because of its high importance. The custom maps played this season made the game really refreshing for us. Our new team transformed into a pretty awesome group during the season. The last game of the season was against GUN|BF where we had almost lost the title against <TnS>. If it had been a draw, <TnS> would have had more won wars than us irregardless the amount of tickets we farmed and they would hold the top spot. Luckily this didnt happen but our performance was low this match and Techno ended the season with a big boom we will not forget so soon (see video here). We won the BF-League season 2015, our 8th #1 title.












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Unnie   (07-03-2016 8:28 AM) [Entry]
Wow. did this brighten my day, what a lovely old memory and you guys are still kicking ass, well done "mi loves" (ooo how i've missed those words, why don't more games bring as much love as BF did wink )

Sunndae   (14-02-2015 12:12 PM) [Entry]
Still collecting historical information. Id like screenshots and videofragments, several went missing. Please share them with me if you have any. Tigerpass movies require better quality aswell.

Shad   (03-08-2014 11:14 PM) [Entry]
Always me loves <3

Sunndae   (20-04-2012 9:27 PM) [Entry]
Once a bad man, always a bad man

Spynet   (24-07-2010 4:12 PM) [Entry]
Love you all!

Sunndae   (02-05-2010 11:35 AM) [Entry]
Our history just will never end.


Starfiire   (12-01-2010 1:38 PM) [Entry]
I need bmc-like people and mentality and good competition too play biggrin
-and a ok too good game-
@myself, I can like many different games, with bmc-people and good competition I should be very fine cool

Starfiire   (12-01-2010 1:36 PM) [Entry]
we could aswell mix bf43 / bf42 play if it's do-able.

the good news is bf-liga wants too host bf43 tourney's besides aswell
so if the game is good we will have competition biggrin

Sunndae   (20-12-2009 10:46 AM) [Entry]
Will update as soon the year is over deal

Starfiire   (08-12-2009 9:00 AM) [Entry]
sneaky we have the intention; beat Illu, beat pas42.. get first! @2009 year happy

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