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Coming friday, 27 februar 2015 there will be a Battlefield Pirates mod event. Unfortunately the bf-league site is still down but i will post all required information such as server ip, download links, teamspeak ip and perhaps the time of the event right here.


Last week we did a small get together. Well, it wasnt that small after all.. there still were quite some players who showed up for it. Ive cut a short movie for you:


*Unfortunately my own voice wasnt recorded in the movie. 

There is a chance that the server will be FULL this event the 27th. Please show up early if you want to participate. I will write the required information down below this text once I have it.

Hope to see some of you there.

Here are the download links and IP information:

The mod can be downloaded here

The mappack can be downloaded here.

Make sure that you select the correct directory for the mappack installation. It should be your main battlefield folder. Its not in program files but program files x86 perhaps idk. You have to search and select it manually or it wont install correctly.

The server: PepperGun BF42 Pirates. IP:

The server should load in the list if you have the patch. Otherwise you dont need to open the mod, just add the ip in 'add server' and it will load the mod automatically.

TS details: Password = furz. Room = Lack of Players


You should try to join at 20.00. Preferably may be earlier if you want to be sure to get a spot on the server.

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