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Award Voting!
Man of the Match vs. lop?
1. Rhino
2. Frenemy
3. Technoboy
4. Hankes
5. Alexei
6. Dr.Strange
7. Minnesota
8. e.S.
9. Sunndae
Total of answers: 10

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BF-League match ¤)ßmÇ(¤ vs. lop


The most decisive match of the season has been played. After 1 team had recently been dropped out of the League (fatality), 3 remaining clans were still in the run for the top position. With <TnS> being technically 1 point behind ¤)ßmÇ(¤ and lop + having a lower ticket ratio they would need both teams lose 2 points somewhere in order to win this season. While we have only one match remaining after this one, lop has still 3 matches to account for. A loss by ¤)ßmÇ(¤ would thus favor chances for <TnS> but most likely still put lop in the most favourable position. A victory by ¤)ßmÇ(¤ would however make our chances to win the league season 2015  very realistic.

We were missing three key players for this match: Alexei, Qlimax and Drago. Also we had recently lost Watchlist in our team who would have been a key player for Operation Aberdeen. Absence of the named players didnt hold us back from picking the map anyway. lop seemed to be strong on tankmaps according to recent results and also Aberdeen (against fatality) but we still had confidence.

Maps played this matchday were Operation Aberdeen and Wake Island. Just a few hours before the match we finished our strategy for Wake Island and Aberdeen had not been trained either. We intended to keep our plans secret do to the importance of the possible outcome. Before matchstart, it was announced that the game would be video-casted and streamed by Flasche. Hereby we like to thank Flasche for casting this!


Wake Island

This map was chosen by lop. A tricky map, one which they had trained and played before against fatality with a very good result for lop. We, ¤)ßmÇ(¤, had not played this as a team yet. And without proper practice, lop was favoured. 

Round 1

Since lop started this map, they chose to start allied and we were forced to attack first. Our mission at start was to stop the ticket bleed as fast as possible. This might have been decisive in the end in case both teams failed to do a fullcap. We went for village with cover of the carrier (Mace) and the battleship (Techno) who destroyed the tank. Gue managed to kill the defender and we then managed to capture both northern bases really fast. Our Aichival and bailer had been killed in their direct approach for Airfield, but this was somehow expected. Unfortunately our battleship was also sunk by some incredible torpedo action, this made it almost impossible to effectively attack and preserve the south and beach flag at this point. We kept on pushing for the airfield. What followed was a intense battle for control of the airfield. But with the unfavored position of having to attack from the North we were forced to struggle more than planned. We attacked some south flags every now and then but also lost them quite fast again untill after 15 minutes we finally had our ship positioned there. Luckily for us, lop did not manage to take North away from us untill then. With us now pushing from south we finally managed to cap and hold the airfield. What followed were few attacks on North with multiply tanks and we almost were succesfull a few times but in the end lop managed to hold it with succes. Time was to short now to get a fullcap and we lost the round with 15 tickets.

Round 2

Knowing the result of last round, we prepared ourselves to care about every ticket. We were allied and had to defend this time. It took lop a little while untill they attacked us. One zero reached out to our airfield straight at the start but we had our anti-air (Shad) prepared for this situation and were able to kill him that way. Because no one attacked North Base and there was a landingboat spotted south, Gue suicided. Our tank (Mace) got bombed and we suddenly found many targets at the south base. Gue and Mace both managed to spawn there. Sunndae also bailed. We fought off the first attack. But now the battleship was getting into position. It was rough sometimes but we managed to fight off many attacks, we just did not get the ticketbleed back effectively. After approximately 12 minutes axis had a steady position at south and we found ourselves once against fighting from north to protect the airfield. Just this time we mostly still owned it. Do to some random attacks by lop to our northern flags we lost focus on airfield and at a moment found ourselves back to just the North Base flag which was also being attacked by a tank. Technoboy was swimming over to south and captured it while Sunndae and Hankes were attacking the airfield at this moment. They killed one defender and a bailer and also managed to capture the airfield back. Many spawned there and we kept on spreading over the island untill the end of the round. We didnt get into a dangerous position again and won this round with 33 tickets, which resulted in a 2-1 victory on the map!.


Operation Aberdeen

With 2 points in the pocket we switched to Operation Aberdeen. A tankmap and our choice. A map where things come hard to hard with only little space for tricks. Highly depending on teamwork, strategy, experience and communication.  We chose it for many reasons but mainly because it fits to our team and we had the confidence to beat lop on it, irregardless their line-up. For this map lop was also missing few strong players which perhaps was a little in our favor.

Round 3

We chose to start axis. We rushed for the city flag immediately but our man (Shad) died at the stairs. A bleedless period of plain firing and positioning started. After 3 minutes we/Sunndae finally got into the position to safely capture the city. Two minutes later lop tried an attack over North hills with 1 tank to our main base. Mace who was guarding this area noticed it and alarmed Gue who was stationed at main currently. After some action Gue managed to blow the tank up with some C4 action. Mace killed another tank on his way back. Our tanking squad near south and city managed to stand up to an attack by lop at about the same time. Things were going really smoothly. After 8 minutes we even took East Base. Few of our guys saw a chance to get North and went for it but failed. Meanwhile lop ignored East Base and went straight for south. Our guy (Techno) who was repairing at South Base was killed and we lost the flag. Not much later we managed to recapture it with 3 approaching panzers against the Sherman on the pad but we lost East Base now again. At the same time lop had another attack with a tank through the hills bove West to our main base. It was noticed and we awaited him with 3 tanks. So far we had the ticketbleed going all the time but after 13 minutes lop managed to grey the city which stopped the bleed. Not much later they had a guy on the roof and we got the bleed against us for the first time. After two quick but failed attempts to grey the city we noticed a chance to rush for East. Unfortunately at this moment that we were greying that base, the server crashed. This sucked but according to BF-League rules, after 75% of the map has been played, the result counts. We won this round 126-39.

Round 4

This round we were the allied team. We had already obtained 3 points for this match so far and only a very convincing victory by lop could make this game a draw now. But we always favor the allied side, hence we chose to play axis first. This looked really good already and we were at ease.

As always, we rushed to the city. This time it was in favor of lop to capture it at gamestart because we cannot really shoot at the flag from our side so well. Dary managed to kill the guy who went to capture the city and it remained grey for a while. No ticketbleed. Gue lost his connection at this point and we had to pause the game. He had to reconnect and get back into position after that, this wasnt nice. During the pause we discussed the situation and realised lop was about to get in greyzone at city. Sunndae bailed from his tank and expacked the guy. Another game of shelling back and forth started. We decided to blow up a tank to get on the roof at of the city-flag building. Unfortunately in the last seconds our guy got shot. Sunndae tried again at the same time lop had a guy going for the flag. He was in grey and expacked the lop guy but got shot again after. Our tankers tried harder to clear the city and once again Sunndae tried to get it but in the last seconds he was shot for the 3rd time. At this moment lop attacked East while West was left without guard. lop captured the east, this was bad. Just few seconds later we surprised lop by greying their main. Techno had driven a long way to get there, returning the favor of the first round where lop tried to do this to us. The beginning of the end for lop. From here on we didnt care about the city but instead we were perfectly fine with them having it. We just kept fighting with the purpose of keeping both mainbases. For the long-term this would favor us incredibly and we could be sure to have the victory. We guarded the bases heavily. One sneaky attack through the West Base hills was noticed and we were able to call it off. While we had lop locked in the city we noticed that we hadnt killed one guy for a while. Unlucky for him, we had Mace defending main the best he could and there was no chance for an inf to sneak there. Yet he tried and pulled a knife, but it was too late and a grenade from evil Shady caught him. In the meanwhile Dary managed to capture the city. There was only one guy still alive, we found him near the city and fullcapped this round (140 - 0).

We won the game in total 4 - 1 (501 - 256)


After this victory we now lead the table and the only chance for us to lose this position is if <TnS> gains 4 points in all their next matches and if we gather only 2 or less points in our last match against GUN|BF. Our chances to win the League season 2015 are thus currently very good.

Current table

Other results for this matchday:

GUN|BF vs. Tamplier (2 - 2)

-=TL=- vs. Invictus (2 - 2)

Our line-up this match:


 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Rhino

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Dary

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Gué (C)

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Hankes

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Mace Windu

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Nomax

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Sunndae

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Technoboy

 ¤)ßmÇ(¤ Shadowtrooper


Links to the streams:


Round 1


Round 2



Round 3



Round 4

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