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2:42 PM
¤)ßmÇ(¤ Reinforcement

The new recruit


After all clans recruited a zillion players, we managed to finally recruit a player ourselves, for the much needed reinforcement. :)

Its dary, also known before as RickMcCrank. Dary is a allround player, which is very usefull for us. We like the allround maps, and to be able to vary our strat from infantry dominant maps to tank and air dominant maps.

Dary will be a good fit for the team, and after some players of us dropped; or became inactive, or have some issues running the game, the fact that Dary can play any role on the battlefield has been the deciding factor.

Also summer period is coming up, and some of us have to work at sunday evenings. We want to win this league, so we got to take care that we still can pick a lot of maps and not lose to much quality when 1,2,3 or maybe even more of us can't play in a Match.

Spilling a point is easy, and can cost us the League victory, we are always aware of that.








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