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6:54 PM
Modding Resources
(by Sunndae)

Being a basic modder and mapmaker myself I intend to create a new resource here. Beceause as a mapmaker when building a new level you just always might miss just the little something extra. Even if your map is great and good looking, you always are inspired to give it the ''WOW'' effect.
This may then be achieved by adding a new vehicle or building for your map.
But as a mapmaker you will not find an easy way to add newer objects to your map. Unless you want to spent a lot of time into modding and get a headache @ figuring out how.

Thats where this comes in use. A resource of vehicles and buildings whom you can add to your custom map, simple and easy. With handy installation guide that make it easier for you to create your own map with new game vehicle. I wanted to find this while making my own maps but i didnt; I found some and most links were broken. So I am making this myself. Now I know how to do this. This is a work in progress. I am not busy with this 24/7 but I do it sometimes when I feel like. I simply see no use in keeping these just standing there on my personal computer, knowing there are others in need. And I can just so easy add them here.

To install an object. Open the winrar file and read the installation readme. Thats all you have to do.
To unpack your custom map, use the winRFA program from the mod development toolkit. To pack a map back, also use the winrfa program as described in the installation.

As far as i know these objects can all be added into any mod of Bf1942 and also vanilla Bf1942 itself. Untill now I have only taken objects from the expansion packs. I will also try mods[FH, DC, GC, BFP, etc].

Last resource update is now 26-March-2010. This is so you can see this page is not old and inactive, I am changing date anytime Im here updating.
If you have any requests, ideas or questions. Go to the general forums on this page and start a topic. I will read it. I might actually be interested finding that particular object you want, too.

So here's the current list i got.
  • Re-uploaded and fixed the broken links. All download links should be working now again.
  • Added BG42 factory_m3
  • Added 2 Old_factorys
  • Added Ropebridge

Object name + download link
Preview (scaled)

A car that can drive and swim
Harley Davidson
A motorbike
A motorbike
A chopper
A speedboat (4 seats)

Vehicle name + download link
DescriptionPreview (scaled)

A interstate mod woodenbridge
A jet from SW
(This file I have to check for
double files still
A factory from the BG42 mod
BG42 Factory
Another two factory buildings from the BG42 mod
A ropebridge

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Total comments: 6
Black Mamba   (04-04-2010 7:39 PM) [Entry]
Can I add some of the models on this page to my site?

Black Mamba   (04-04-2010 7:06 PM) [Entry]

Maybe this can give you inspiration ;)

Sunndae   (27-03-2010 1:17 PM) [Entry]
Download links are fixed and an few new objects have been added.

Sunndae   (21-03-2010 2:26 AM) [Entry]
Sorry I do not have the time and the motivation to fix this right now. My family has main priors atm. However, Im still in the game, and whenever I get back I will add new building & vehicles and maybe the sound to the harley gun ;). I have already taken some nice stuff from mods, almost ready to share, I have it on my modding pc... So when I get back, then.. wink

Anselmus   (02-01-2010 0:42 AM) [Entry]
R75 ok sound gun but Harley without sound the gun

Anselmus   (02-01-2010 0:39 AM) [Entry]
Harley Davidson, no sound gun

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