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Man of the Match vs. lop?
1. Rhino
2. Frenemy
3. Technoboy
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5. Alexei
6. Dr.Strange
7. Minnesota
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Forum » Public section » Public forum » Summary of memo cup final (now with LastResort :) hope there are no mistakes now :P)
Summary of memo cup final
Light_EyesDate: Monday, 01-02-2010, 7:35 PM | Message # 1
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In the first group/divition of the memo cup 09-january 2010, the deciding match was also the last match of the cup and was to be played by the Bad Man Clan and the Illuminators. BmC had in their 5 first matches taken home the maximum amount of points and was leading the group with 20 points. Illuminator had also won all their matches but they had not done so with maximum score in all of their matches and so they were on the 2nd place in the group with 18 points. Because of the small difference in points the battle for the gold medal and the memo trophy was going to take place in the last war and the expectations of this war had been sky-high since the point where it was clear that this war would decide the final outcome of the cup. Everyone expected a legendary meet between 2 top class teams. And on the Sunday, 31st January 2010, at 20:30 they got it.

Illuminators were sure that they were more of an all-round team than BmC and they therefore chose Tigerpass as their map. This is a map where there are tanks available for each teams but no planes. The map is build up around 1 road through the map, more or less and therefore the fighting is going to be located very much at the same place. As it would turn out, the long bridge between the first and second allied flag (from the axis point of view) was where the deciding fights were gonna be. The infantry was going to play a very important role here as they would have to help a lone Sherman tank stop the german vehicles from going through to the subsequent flags. If you could position your ex-packs in a way to help kill the enemy tanks and personal carriers then you would stand a good chance of stopping the german advance. The BmC infantries showed that they really knew their job and together with their tankers they prevented the Illuminator tanks from going through their lines. Once it looked like the tigers might pierce the defence of the BmC crew but Shad drove his tank down behind the first tiger and shot him from behind. The Sherman was lost in the process though and now it was up to the infantry to stop the next tiger alone. They succeeded and they established a defence of the bridge again and they held the end of the bridge for the rest of the round. It must be mentioned though that the Illuminators managed to slip a medic past the defence in the chaos and he went to grey the church flag from inside the church. BmC didn’t panic though and kept defending the bridge while they sent an infantryman back to take care of the flag. When he got killed they sent 2 more and the flag went back in BmC hands. The infantry could now go back to defend the bridge and stay there for the remainder of the match. I also just want to give mention to the lone assault BmC guy taking out infantry at the bridge from above. The BmC won the first round 176-0.

In the second round it was the Illuminators’ turn to play Allied and defend the pass. They started out with setting a guy at first flag to slow the rolling tigers down a bit so they had time to set up a defence at the long bridge. It seemed that this was gonna look a lot like the first round where the germans was gonna get slaughtered on that bridge. But after some minutes of bleed the BmC managed to get 2 tigertanks to the end of the bridge where they were suddenly standing face to face with the lone Sherman who had no chance against 2 of the feared german Tigers. The loss of this Sherman tank was gonna be crusial as this allowed BmC to draw people across the bridge more easily and they managed to get tanks to grey the flag at the church. A lot of fighting took place over this flag but the Illuminators showed great strength and took it back. But in the chaos of fighting a lone gunman, Gúe, had gone through to the next flag and had captured it, so the BmC had a spawn behind the frontline. This made it very difficult for the Illuminators to make a defence as the BmC could go further and also go back and hit the church flag from behind. As the bleed had stopped when BmC captured 2 flags, they were okay with taking it nice and easy and they tried to get a stronger stand at the first flags. They managed to get the church flag but lost the third flag in the process. But as there was still no bleed on the BmC they didn’t need to be hasty and acted cool as ice. They defended against Illuminator attacks and then they moved forward for the 3rd flag and got it. Here there was a small break in the action as if they wanted to make sure that the Illuminators did not have any people around to grey the flags that they already fought so hard for. From here they started rolling on and as the Illuminators now only had 1 sherman tank left it was gonna be much more difficult to hold back the charging axis forces; especially as the axis had gained a wespe which could rain down death on the last flags of the Illuminators. In the end the BmC was able to overpower the illuminators at the remaining flags when the superior german armor rolled in to grey the last flags. The round ended with 201-0 in the favor of BmC. This meant that the Bad Man Clan had won the memo cup 09/10 as they now were 4 tickets in front of the illuminators before the last map. The Illuminators showed great sportsmanship and congratulated the BmC guys and from what I have heard there was great cheering in the BmC teamspeak, where 16 people gathered up to celebrate the victory.

Although the victor had been decided on Tigerpass, the map choice of the BmC was still going to be played and so the map was changed to Fields of the Fallen. Here it would be interesting to see if the Illuminators could do anything about a team of very capable infantries.
First round we saw BmC as allied and Illuminators as Axis. As there are so many flags packed closely together in the middle of the map we saw a lot of action and flags changed hands quickly but the BmC seemed to have the upper hand from the start and the Illuminators bled a lot of tickets. But they managed to shake the BmC and take the initiative and it seemed that the BmC had problems for a while and took some serious bleeding of tickets. The Bad Man Clan showed great resolve though as they regrouped and started to claw their way back into the game. This time they did not loosen their grasp and was able to win the round 98-0.
In the final round we saw Illuminators playing allied and they started out putting pressure on the BmC from the get-go. Soon the Illuminators had the majority of the flags and the bleed was against the BmC. The BmC tried to get a hold but it seemed that the Illuminators had everything figured out in this round and BmC was struggling to hold on. Several times BmC was at a position where they had no flags and once or twice they were down to just 2 men before a flag was captured so the rest of the team could spawn back in. In the end the Illuminators could claim the round 133-0 and thereby they had also won the map with 2 points to 1.

That means that the standing of the 1st group of memo cup is as follows:
1st place: ¤)ßmÇ(¤ 23 pts.
2nd place: illuminator. 20 pts.
3rd place: pas42 15 pts.

Congratulations to ¤)ßmÇ(¤ with the 1st place.

If you have not already seen the match, I can only advice you to do so, I know I will watch it myself.

All the technical stuff, setting up servers for casting, testing and doing the videocast was done by Skywalker. Great work m8.

Commentators: Burnbaby and Light Eyes.
BmC: Gólaz, Gué , LastResort, Monstarrrr, Nighthawk, nomax, <RûlôR> , Shadowtrooper (Shad), Silencer, Spynet, Sunndæ, Whinty (rest of team: ßiő§TâR, butcherino, elitemus, Krille, SaTy, Sierra, Zagi-DK)

Illuminator: Cthar, DrovveN, Frenemy, HOLLIEST, MacDaddy, MuSeN, omEn, Piraten, Snokke, Thatcher (rest of team: Alexei, Bot, Dest, DONald, Hazmupp, Horror, Myran, ozzy, pervo, Qspot, Ribben, Satyx)

If I forgot someone, plz let me know and I will fix it.

NB: The description of the games might not be as they exactly played out but rather how I remember them from last night.

Posted on liga-42 site by [>X<]Skywalker:

Here are the downloads! They are quite nice in quality, so try them.

pre- Match

Tigerpass (RR & live at 04:15mins)

Field of the fallen (RR & live at 06:05mins) (RR & live at 01:35mins)

Have fun with it!


StarfiireDate: Monday, 01-02-2010, 7:47 PM | Message # 2
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thnx for adding Last cool
great writing @ report still
Light_EyesDate: Monday, 01-02-2010, 7:56 PM | Message # 3
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Thank you happy

I have tried to fix it at liga site all day but smth is wrong there. Even an admin couldn't edit my post so it might take some time before it is fixed.

Once again sry to LastResort.

And Congratz with the win of the match and the memo cup smile

StarfiireDate: Monday, 01-02-2010, 8:05 PM | Message # 4
Awards: 8
Reputation: 6

its np man you made a great report...
and L was there 1 round @ Axis TP,
1 time dc'ed aswell sad
(we paused game @ railroads, bmc axis)

woo DL ready I will enjoy biggrin

LastResortDate: Monday, 01-02-2010, 8:08 PM | Message # 5
Awards: 4
Reputation: 3

v for victory
WhintyDate: Monday, 01-02-2010, 9:45 PM | Message # 6
Awards: 6
Reputation: 3

that's how we roll. For sure :P
GólDate: Tuesday, 02-02-2010, 10:43 AM | Message # 7
Awards: 3
Reputation: 3

nice work Light Eyes! smile thnx for it, good read. Also nice @ cast
Forum » Public section » Public forum » Summary of memo cup final (now with LastResort :) hope there are no mistakes now :P)
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