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Forum » Public section » Public forum » ßmC Duel League? (the epicestest stuff since ruls birth)
ßmC Duel League?
LastResortDate: Friday, 26-03-2010, 4:24 AM | Message # 1
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Hi fellas.

after one of the best nights in the last time with gol and pyro, we wanna found a new competition:


so far we were doing duels in
Tank MG Pos.2

rules are quite simple. first you choose the weapon, then how many rounds you need to win and then how many steps are taken till you turn.
for a match you need two duelists and a referee to watch the turns and count the steps, but after seeing pyro cheering us all night i think thats not going to be a problem biggrin

is anyone in for this shit after the knifecup is finished?

yours truly, L aka ElmerFudd happy cool

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SunndaeDate: Friday, 26-03-2010, 8:02 AM | Message # 2
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Ok I can imagine this cool . We can work with this idea. But lets try to get a bit more specific about the set up.

Basicly you can choose to duel in anything?. From infy(medic) to infy(knife) to jumping out of a plane and killing eachother while using parachute to dogfighting to tanking to apc vs. apc etc?.

For example I want to duel Rhino uboot vs uboot, we choose how many kills ftw (lets say 5), we decide map (midway), we fight.
Now Rhino will choose to duel me with a plane, we choose how many kills ftw (lets say 10 now), we decide map (El Alamein), we fight.

My questions are,
do we really need a referee?
does every person only choose one thing? Or should there be a third (all deciding) duel? A third round where both agree to?

League structure

One huge league?.
The amount of won duels brings you points?
Top 8 reach playoffs (after long period duelling)?
Everyone can join, no sign up limit. You can join at anytime. You just have to reach top 8 to get into the playoffs.

Futher note. I think you have to bring a fun attitude. This league isnt ging to work if youre serious :D.

reactions please


StarfiireDate: Friday, 26-03-2010, 9:03 AM | Message # 3
Awards: 8
Reputation: 6

Quote (Sunndae)
jumping out of a plane and killing eachother while using parachute

rofl......... biggrin

add freakin 1v1 BOAT WARS @ Philly!! happy heart
Panzerschrek or Engi allowed on any Boat**

Axis spawns Big Ship, caps Dock.
Allied spawnes @ South dock, left Side of Island. can take off from there.

(we can do little time_test & set the meeting/fight point)

its good if we work out the Duel League Concept little more biggrin

+ I volunteer for Referee @ this League.

Message edited by Gue07 - Friday, 26-03-2010, 9:11 AM
LastResortDate: Friday, 26-03-2010, 2:04 PM | Message # 4
Awards: 4
Reputation: 3

yea ofc its all about the fun cool

i didnt think about uboat or ship duels tbh, because there were none in the western afaik tongue

what we did were the oldschool things: standing back to back, ref says go, ref says turn and shoot the enemy down. gonna be hard or lasting super long with uboat or ships (regarding to spawns etc but that could be modded tho) and a duel in plane would be nothing else than a normal dogfight imo. we can try some equipment duels but in overall we should stick to "normal" weapons (we just tanked because pyro wanted us to dry )
boat vs boat , apc vs apc or parachute vs parachute is possible ofc but for the chutes you need to mod the spawns then where you spawn back to back in mid-air biggrin alternative jump from B17 or JU88A
i recommend to allow the knife only when you run out of ammo btw

and yes i think a ref is needed to count down the steps (gol has no sound e.g.) and watch the turns (if one turns way too early -> replay)

about the rules and league structure: i didnt think about that too much yet. maybe we could do it in the system the BF-League runs with. Both choose a weapon, 2 rounds each are gonna be played, winning all rounds means 4-0. regarding to the amount of games everybody played it would be possible to join in anytime then. but we should have a deadline then to make playoffs. lets say top 8 after 16 matches reach it and a random bot chooses the matches then...

ingame rules: both agree on the weapon, both agree to the winning rounds (perfect for bf league structure = 10 overall) and both agree on the amount of steps (time counting down)

great that this seems doable happy cool cool

SunndaeDate: Friday, 26-03-2010, 3:44 PM | Message # 5
Awards: 12
Reputation: 6
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Quote (LastResort)
reat that this seems doable

Sure, anything is doable. However i dont think that the western style(back to back) can be required as you almost need a referee for each duel. Anyway, the way were pointing right now, you can decide for yourself the rules for your duel. While your opponent does it for his. I still think we need a third duel, or we will get lots of draws. Thinking most would choose to duel in that what he or she is good/best at?. Im not going to win dogfighting vs. Rhino biggrin
Also people might just ignore the challenge. Or we have to do this with a sign up limit and create draws ourselve prof .


SunndaeDate: Wednesday, 31-03-2010, 0:59 AM | Message # 6
Awards: 12
Reputation: 6
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Wheres my discussion? surprised


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