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Man of the Match vs. lop?
1. Rhino
2. Frenemy
3. Technoboy
4. Hankes
5. Alexei
6. Dr.Strange
7. Minnesota
8. e.S.
9. Sunndae
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Thank You all!
nomaxDate: Friday, 11-06-2010, 3:51 AM | Message # 1
Awards: 5
Reputation: 3
Special skills:

I could have made a big statement, blah blah blah, shooting to all directions, even to myself, but im tired... so i go easy in you all and i simply say... Thank you all for this ride and see you! Thanks for the games and etc.
Thank you Gue for the leadership and guidence in all frontlines...
Thank you Monstarrr or who tha fuck are you... for the confidance and fair play that you showed to the team.
And thanks to all of the members of ¤)ßmÇ(¤, it was a hell of a ride... at SOV cup and Costum maps. Thank you all.
Sorry for something, i know where i did my mistake and im sorry, but i tried...
And at last... thanks to the ringers that made us possible to finish the liga!
Thank you...

and goodbye

SunndaeDate: Friday, 11-06-2010, 9:27 AM | Message # 2
Awards: 12
Reputation: 6
Special skills:

are you leaving? moving on? smile or just saying in general?

We've had some good times here at bmc and some that sucked a bit at the end. When all were activer it was more fun, also when the game was activer.. I cant find a good server to play on nowadays so atm ive lost my interests here too. Will see after a while or will check out bf43 happy

Anyway, thanks all (and nomax) for the good times.

*nomax i dont see where you made a mistake, you always were a formidable exemplary player

see you and gl in future


nomaxDate: Friday, 11-06-2010, 12:34 PM | Message # 3
Awards: 5
Reputation: 3
Special skills:

Im not leaving... like others cool
I told you that im staying. biggrin
My reason for saying "goodbye!", is feeling and knowing that it was the last competition that BmC will do in BF42...
At the moment, bmc is dead.
No players... we are only 2 playing... me and lecter...
Its sad but BmC doesnt exist in BF42 and it will not rize... once again!
Its just what i think and feel.
Its sad to see a great team, formed by fantastic players, with unique friendship, being destroyd by small... aspects...
About my mistake... i know what i did wrong... and i feel bad about it... but hey... we are all in a learning process.
About my future... welll i dont know... i will stay on BF42, and sure im in BF43 if its any good...
I want competition in BF42... to bad that its not possible with BmC...
SpynetDate: Friday, 11-06-2010, 1:49 PM | Message # 4
Awards: 6
Reputation: 4
Special skills:

I just have to say this again: atm im reaaaly busy with schoolwork, will be almost impossible to play till the end of the month. I have exams, etc.
Guys, the game is dying..its normal, happens with most of games. It was a great time, lets remember our deeds and the good people we've met with honour..but its time to move on. there are alot more cool games. We dont have to move only to bf43. BmC is not dead in general, just in activity atm, because of bf42. You have to let go. I must say, bf42 is a closed chapter for me. and im proud of it. even tho i didnt enjoy my full potential 100% of the time, there was GREAT times that i enjoyed with bmc, and not just bmc. More and more we get busy lives obviously, which makes it more difficult, but if we're gonna play something for fun, for the old times, just in vacations or something, lets do it in another game. Zagi has moved on already, he's waiting for us.

"Ah, yes, mere infantry - poor beggars..."
nomaxDate: Friday, 11-06-2010, 3:05 PM | Message # 5
Awards: 5
Reputation: 3
Special skills:

i Wont let go... just because ppl are leaving... i let it go when there's no point of playing it... and that moment is far from arriving...
i cant find fun like i have in bf42... at other game...
there's no players? yes, its normal... like in everygame, at this period of the year its normal (exams, summer work, holydays, etc ), and in bf42 is worst because the comunity is smal.
Maybe ill just move to other clan... to be active in bf42... but i still be a bad man... as long as ppl want me to be.
but spy, sure that ppl have their life... work, school, holydays, girls... etc etc etc... and moving on and stuff, but the timing was everything but brilliant when we were having a competition... like i call it... the exudus!
Ppl started to quit bmc... fast...
And sure... the monstarrrgate made a huge impact in bmc...
It was to izi for the ppl... just to leave... than to fight, but hey... plz... its my opinion, nothing more.
well... i just let go... bf42 in bmc.
My talk ended here


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