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Forum » Public section » Public forum » Hello, please read.
Hello, please read.
MikulichDate: Tuesday, 03-12-2013, 12:02 PM | Message # 1
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Greetings to you all smile
I made this thread to try and join your clan. If I am on the wrong place, I am very sorry smile

So, I've been playing Battlefield 1942 since it came out, with a 2 years pause (so I am a bit rusty ;D), and recently got back to the game (I found out that my CD 1 was broken so I had to wait for the game to become F2P on Origin), and I am looking for a nice community of friendly people to hang around with smile

I can't say I'm a pro, but I'm a decent sniper, and a good engineer, but a good medic as well, even though I really suck at flying. I always show respect to other people, listen to what I'm told, and always respect team play and fair play. I guess I'm here to find something that you can't find on public server. I'm really sick of team killers, trolls and Polish people screaming at me in chat for no apparent reason xD

I hope I can join you!

Mario Mikulich

If you want to contact me personally, my e-mail is 
Oh, I almost forgot, I won't be able to talk over mumble, Skype, or Team Speak since my microphone broke recently.
Cheers, and happy holidays! smile
SunndaeDate: Monday, 23-12-2013, 0:21 AM | Message # 2
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Hey Mikulich thanks for posting. Unfortunately we are not able to accept your request at this time. Many of us still play regularly, however not as a clan. You can often find us on the Oz Wake only 24/7 server. There are lots of nice people there in the evening.


Forum » Public section » Public forum » Hello, please read.
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