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Home » 2010 » February » 1 » Bf. League goes too ¤)ßmÇ(¤
8:55 AM
Bf. League goes too ¤)ßmÇ(¤
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Spynet   (02-03-2010 1:17 PM) [Entry]
hehehe, you will see bmc-style, so much different than CS smile

i confess i get tired of bf a lot sometimes but what keeps me going is my clan, they're a family. good luck in ur last season!

omEn   (02-03-2010 11:36 AM) [Entry]
Ofc you didnt win only because we sucked, you did play well.

We will see how this season goes, the morale in the team was low that season but is getting better now.
People are really sick and tired of BF42 and are waiting for the new Bad Company 2. Though i think most of all players are tired of BF42.

But we will try and end this season with a big bang :) This will be my last season playing BF42 and then its 100% BFBC2 so ill see you there bunny jumping and playing CS style? ;)


Spynet   (02-03-2010 1:37 AM) [Entry]
we had a real struggle to find the right tatics, and we finally did it. Actually Gue found exacly what to do. Please dont consider it only blindness from ur part. We had real good teamwork and our tactics..well, they really worked nicely. I still think u guys should have chosen another map.

good luck in future omen.

omEn   (01-03-2010 2:04 PM) [Entry]
GG mates. Its nice to have the advantage of being the underdog VS the "bigger" clan :)
The fun part is that you locked us on Tigerpass like you knew all our tactics. :)
We are not used to loosing big and this is just good because it made us think again. Thats one of the problems being a good clan and not loosing alot. You get blind. But this opened our eyes again.

We knew we where taking a big risk on taking Tigerpass because its easy to deff and hard to attack.
The problem is that we made the big mistake of forgeting that Tigerpass has no landmines anymore.
This is because about 1 year ago when we played Tigerpass we where too good with the landmines and clans started to complain, so they removed landmines because of that.

We where still blinded of our previous success on this map and thought it was going to be easy. With this blindness old tactics that dont work today because of the landmines and some misstakes that can happend to any one we really fucked it all up. After this we gave up Tigerpass and headed for the other map.

The shity thing is really not loosing to you guys on this match. The shity thing is that we lost 2 rounds to other clans where 1 round was lost with 1 ticket and the other one with 6 tickets.

Well played on Tigerpass and thank you for opening our eyes again.


Bragi   (17-02-2010 2:49 PM) [Entry]
Watched all 4 rounds. Good show on Tigerpass! Was surprised by how 'back-and-forth' both rounfd of FotF were. It looked like both teams had really prepared well for the opponents map by how the rounds went down.
Great show.

@Gue; Heheh.. very funny 'kick of continously succesfull shopping'' comment. I'm going to use that one at home.


blame [UF]   (04-02-2010 11:31 AM) [Entry]
hey, 1st round on Tigerpass was legendary :)

Spynet   (01-02-2010 8:55 PM) [Entry]
"The outcome in points for the league 'final' was 3-2, on paper that looks close.
But I don't think that ppl watching had the slightest impression it was a close game. wink "

totally. we almost had the 4-0 but last round wasnt bmc playing, was just some nooblets wandering around biggrin

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