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Home » 2009 » November » 14 » Bf1942 Knifecup Announced
5:52 PM
Bf1942 Knifecup Announced
I like to announce for everyone that is interested that we are holding a little battlefield 1942 1vs1 knifecup. Signups are open now and will be closed 28 novembre. The 29th groups will be made and the cup can start. For more detailed information you can look here. Or signup here.

The cup set-up is still open for discussion and ideas are very welcome. Some things might actually be changed before signups have closed.

Have fun all
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Tiphaine   (29-07-2013 7:10 AM) [Entry]
I have drank Propel since it first came out! Berry is my favorite and I drink it all day every day! and nohnitg else! please pick me to win!! beckyleer@yahoo.comXXX

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