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2. Frenemy
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5. Alexei
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Home » 2016 » February » 17 » Coming up soon: Bf-42 Season 2016!
11:02 PM
Coming up soon: Bf-42 Season 2016!

It's been long awaited: the opening of the new Battlefield 1942 season


What keeps us awake at night is not our girlfriend, neither our wife, nor our kids, it's the new challenges for the upcoming season!. Now finally the new table and match-schedule have been announced, analysts are argueing over 'who's the favourite?'. Opinions are widely diversed: some analist groups predict the new-school (lop) to take control over the 1st place again, other experts clearly favor the old-school (pas42) and again others stick to the no-school (¤)ßmÇ(¤) . There are even those who don't want to exclude the rise of the phoenix (TL, CBS). 


The new season is starting with some unusual changes. The BAT (Bf-league Admin Team) announced several ¤)ßmÇ(¤-favoured maps banned for the whole season. Few custom maps remain, while 5 new ones have been added.

The new season will exclude:

- El Alamein
- Guadalcanal
- Midway
- Market Garden

Revoted have been:

Operation Forager + Tigerpass

New this season:

- The Great Pursuit
- Dukla Pass
- Faid Pass
- Nuenen
- Warschau

Overview of the Votes: usp=sharing

The ¤)ßmÇ(¤ schedule: inVictus, {FG}, GUN|BF, <TnS>, pas42, lop, [tamplier], [CBS], -=TL=-


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Frenemy   (17-02-2016 1:05 AM) [Entry]
Also a nice addition would be the special surprises in the lineup. biggrin

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