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Home » 2012 » December » 8 » Free Bf1942 game
3:17 PM
Free Bf1942 game

This is old news but I dont think everyone knows:

Battlefield full version is now officially free to play:

Join new EA servers or Wake 24/7

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Sunndae   (22-01-2013 3:39 PM) [Entry]
Your awesome Spynet xD.

Gól   (30-12-2012 0:27 AM) [Entry]
spy, it's the same login you had before, just a new form to fill in. as for the upload, maybe works?

Spynet   (29-12-2012 1:23 AM) [Entry]
Well, where can i upload it? I do not know much about this stuff, one of them is 162mb and the other 302mb. If you tell me a platform where i can do it, I gladly will.

As for the login, do i need to create a ucoz account or something? awful modern stuff :p

Sunndae   (27-12-2012 9:16 PM) [Entry]
Hmm yah the login form has changed. But since it is part of the ucoz system i cannot change it back.

That you have the tigerpass movies is eeeehhhhmm AWESOME!?. Makes my day to hear that biggrin . Can you upload them in some way so that i can get it or place them/it on youtube?. happy

Spynet   (26-12-2012 1:07 AM) [Entry]
Hey Guys. First: what the hell is with the login form? it sucks sun :p. and second: i have the tigerpass movie.

Sunndae   (09-12-2012 12:50 PM) [Entry]
Yes there are. However this version is not compatible with the one we have so you need to install the one from origin separate. I like to play wake only there but there are also other servers. Ive seen BoB 24-7, EA servers, Midway 24-7 and a server where i played with 50 players on each team.

The sad thing is that this is only temporary. At 1 march 2013 origin will stop support. What happends after that, i dont know.

Gól   (09-12-2012 4:47 AM) [Entry]
That is really cool! Are there a lot of new players on? I'm coming home in a week, here we go BF42 smile

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