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Home » 2010 » May » 10 » Knife Cup Final
0:20 AM
Knife Cup Final
Knifecup finally ended, cause G (Starfiire´) and Hunty (Von Hunty) played the final:


G´ - Von Hunty: 10-8
G´ - Von Hunty: 10-7

Interesting game, good game also.
thnx Sundae for hosting Another Event. (Great funn)

Next on the Program is: Jeeprace.
Map: Rocky Mountains
Line-up: Hopefully a lot. 20-30 players.

cu on the Battlefield and Rocky Races,

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Starfiire   (24-06-2010 8:53 AM) [Entry]
golaz and hunty where taking a lot of force
especially golaz -that was a hyperknife match- we took 5 min break after each round to powerup lol cool

hunty   (31-05-2010 11:35 AM) [Entry]
nog gefeliciteerd:p

why was it a weird cup sun? anyway.. the way to the final was hard. happy i made it. but G's powerknife was just too strong:(


nomax   (16-05-2010 1:30 PM) [Entry]
i want tha jeep race tongue

Bragi   (10-05-2010 4:02 PM) [Entry]
Hehe. Gratz G.
And about the scrnsht: zeker droog

Sunndae   (10-05-2010 9:17 AM) [Entry]
megaphone GRATZ G

Nice you've played this and it is over now. Been a long (and weird) cup after all. Also sad you didnt play rul, would been a though one.

You'll receive a knifecup award soon happy

oh and nice you posted a news item by yourself xD

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