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Home » 2010 » April » 27 » The new news
10:34 PM
The new news

¤)ßmÇ(¤ is alive!

We are all very much alive actually and in good health, except for ZAGI but he is OLD.

The past month we have noticed a huge change. At the beginning of the month we were able to form two teams at the same day, and we did that. We played 2 wars at exactly the same time. However, for official wars people had to sit out rounds or even full matches so that sucked for them. We have won quite a lot games. Anyway, after our first loss in the streak the motivation went down way fast. And also issues appeared. .

After our first loss in a streak of 13 won games (official games counted only) we noticed the first real changes.

Some players have quit playing the game.
Some others just disappeared
Starfiire has quit his job as squadleader.
One trusted member was caught playing for more teams

Overall motivation dropped fast. And so did the motivation on public play. Or maybe it is the issue with PunkBuster not being supported anymore which makes it very difficult for newer players to join the scene.

Right now we sit here with 6 active players and just a few variable players. We have to re-re-organise. And that is what i will be doing. I will create us a solid team, where all players should be able to play 2 maps a game. We could use a max of 3 active players. Variables we have enough.

Another change. I dont want us to aim for being the strongest team around. If we win or lose, it shouldnt matter this much. My personal attitude is the one with the huuuge smiley ===D.

We still have a couple of weeks before we play our next official match. In this period ''things'' will happen.

For the rest,

have a nice day 
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nomax   (05-05-2010 5:32 PM) [Entry]
Im sorry ppl... but with zagi's laugh works better biggrin

nomax   (05-05-2010 5:30 PM) [Entry]
Let's get the second place... muahahahhahahahahahahahah

SleveN   (04-05-2010 9:01 PM) [Entry]
Keep the spirit up BmC, this can't let you down sad

DoubTi   (04-05-2010 0:02 AM) [Entry]
I rly like your attitude, your personal behaviour and your writing Sunndae! I hope u will find some reinforcement.
Ps: Its not always about winning or being competitive, the wars and the team among can be just as fun even with a few points less than the nr. 1 team :-) - not that I say I like unorganised teams with no tacs. and such :p

Butcher   (03-05-2010 11:12 AM) [Entry]
Good attitude, Good luck bmc.

Spynet   (02-05-2010 1:04 PM) [Entry]
I agree. I personaly wont play anymore with a "must-win" mind. Now ill play with "what the heck. ill have fun" thought. In the past we were always aiming at the win.

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