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Home » 2015 » March » 23 » The return of ZAGI
10:15 AM
The return of ZAGI


In case the news didnt reach you yet, the badest man of all bad men,  ZAGI ,has been spotted alive and well and will be joining us next sunday!!!!


Seriously??Who's ZAGI?


He is the head of ¤)ßmÇ(¤ 

Speaker of ¤)ßmÇ(¤ to the public on radio and videocasts

Very very bad person

Really suprising news but as ZAGI would say: 'everything is a possibility here' 

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Gué   (28-03-2015 1:57 PM) [Entry]
welcome back zagi >:)

Butch   (24-03-2015 9:28 AM) [Entry]

Shad   (24-03-2015 9:19 AM) [Entry]

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