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Man of the Match vs. lop?
1. Rhino
2. Frenemy
3. Technoboy
4. Hankes
5. Alexei
6. Dr.Strange
7. Minnesota
8. e.S.
9. Sunndae
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4th round

The 1st round of the final of the Pkt hosted infantry-cup tourney won by bmc
421 5 0.0

Added 17-08-2009 Sunndae

Total comments: 5
RuLoR   (25-08-2009 11:28 AM) [Entry]
cmon, we already had them baselocked. its no problem to keep that with 3 guys

Starfiire   (24-08-2009 8:04 PM) [Entry]
that explaines the 1v2 and 1v3 situations... nooblet!! cranky

RuLoR   (24-08-2009 7:20 PM) [Entry]
i have already been in a celebrating mood. so i chilled in allied HQ smile

Sunndae   (20-08-2009 11:03 AM) [Entry]
Ya same with me. Just need a little motivation that gives me the right concentration and sweet things happen cool

Starfiire   (18-08-2009 0:21 AM) [Entry]
awww love
imo the best bf42 round I played
got so pissed @ KDR 1 I destroyed them heart happy

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