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RR event veh.

So far I have these + a bunch of others but I will keep these secret.. those you have to find along the way and need the map for :P.

The problem is that some cars have bugs, like:
I dont have a working engine sound for the kubel,
The VW is undestroyable and the oldtimers are really though too,
the animations for the person sitting on the bike are not working correctly yet

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Added 10-05-2010 Sunndae

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Sunndae   (18-02-2015 7:58 PM) [Entry]
btw the map has finished all that needs to be changed are the car speed and damage taken. Unfortunately they are hard coded in the texture files. I need to find someone with 3d model skills to edit the values there in order to finish the map. Or I need to replace the cars with common jeeps.

Thierry   (29-07-2013 1:59 AM) [Entry]
I really colndu't ask for more from this article.

Sunndae   (28-04-2012 1:03 AM) [Entry]
hate myself for not finishing this ! all this potential fun didnt come in action bc i had to set different priorities in life

Starfiire   (14-05-2010 7:01 PM) [Entry]
zomg beautys cool

Sunndae   (10-05-2010 9:35 AM) [Entry]
The bike is a one person Harley btw. I have the standard motorbikes from SW in the map too but they have a seat for a 2nd passenger.

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